Earn over £2.5k

as an Easton London Barber

Are you looking to significantly increase your earnings as a Barber? Would you like to maximise your rate for your time and build a strong premium client base? Are you keen to become your own boss and grow your professional portfolio? If the answer to these questions is yes then Easton London would like to hear from you.

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Please send all enquiries to partnership@eastonlondon.com

Include a brief bio with your professional experience as well as any social media or professional portfolio.

The benefits of working with Easton London:

- Work in our premium Central London locations

- Charge the highest rates for your services

- We provide a stream of new premium high paying clients

- No limit on working hours or restrictive closing times

- We help you develop your portfolio, with your own website as well as social media management by our team of industry professionals.